First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Hello. This site was created so that my sculptures may have a life beyond my little studio. I’ve been sculpting on and off most of my life. My first sculpture was a volcano for a school project.

But, I’ve always been interested in faces, all kinds;  human, and animal. Like a lot of us I’m a people watcher, always fascinating. Like Gloria Swanson said in Sunset Boulevard “We didn’t need sound, we had Faces!”.

I’ve been influenced by many things in my life, namely my love of movies. Especially the classics ! Such great faces, both the supporting and bit players could steal the show with just their looks. Another huge influence was the great caricature artist, Al Hirschfeld. He once said “I love caricatures, I’m not a ears nose and throat man”. Which I think was his way of saying I don’t want to copy a face exactly the way it looks ; there is no fun in that. Not to say I don’t do portraits,  the sculpting below was my first attempt at a realistic sculpting of Oliver Reed as Bill Sikes in the musical Oliver.

Well I hope anyone who stumbles upon my page, enjoys my little creations. And they may have a life beyond my sculpting table.


Gorilla sculpt

IMG_7091.JPGThis is a sculpt I worked on last week. It’s from a photo of a silverback gorilla in Germany. He had such silly expression that I knew instantly I had to sculpt him.
I wanted it to be a caricature of him. I’ve been having a hard time lately with my caricature sculpts, for some reason I end up sculpting everything in proportion rather than concentrating on one part of the face. This sculpture was a “Big”
breakthrough , by scaling down his brows I was finally able to capture his silliness that I had seen in the photo. I  sculpted him chavant clay. I will mold and cast him  in the next couple of days.

Carleton Caricature.


Today I started a new sculpting project.  He is a Scottish character loosely based on a friend of mine who unfortunately passed away this year. I sculpted him in Wed Clay and will cast him in a bronze resin.

I find myself going back and forth between Wed Clay and Chavant clay. I love both of them for their different qualities. With wed clay I can block out very quickly. But, I’m having to constantly keep it covered to prevent it from drying out. Where as working with Chavant clay,  I feel  more relaxed and less “under the gun”. The chavant clay forces me to stop and think about my sculpting. It slows me down and makes me work much more deliberately.