August Sculpts

This my sculpts for July and August.

The mermaid is titled Sirène dormant which is French for sleeping mermaid. The idea was that she would sleep beneath the waves on a coral reef using her tail as a pillow. I added the octopus as little body guard.

The other one was inspired by a woman who’s loves Batman and English bulldogs , thus Batdog was born. Unfortunately for Gotham City, he’s never quite awake.

Then there’s Solitary Man , just a study in a pensive pose, lost in thought, or sadness, who knows?

The Child of the pumpkin, as I call her, is a creepy take on Children of the Corn, with her hair in the form of a pumpkin. She was meant to be a little more sweet but creepy came out in the sculpt.

The last one is titled, Mountain Kiss,  a mountain Gorilla mother holding her little baby gently in her arms.

Well , I move on to the End of August with some new clays; Laguna’s Mexican terra-cotta and a Mexican white. They are self hardening clays so I’m interested in they’re lasting powers. I would love to not have to make molds. Till next time……


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